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Chapter 5


The Subjective Paranormal Non-experients

Numerous case descriptions now follow. Only cases illustrating specific themes have been chosen, many in markedly abridged forms.34

Illustration 1

How can such d�j� vu be interesting?

The d�j� vu phenomenon appears to include a wide spectrum of events ranging from the mundane to the fascinating. Experiences such as this may be simple, but they interest the researcher because they illustrate a basic theme�in this instance, the typical associative kind of d�j� vu experienced by �Mr. Average�. In this case, the subject (SPNE: Subject D), a 22-year-old social worker, was better called �Miss Average�.

We were traveling in a car. We went past a building which I saw through the trees. I got the feeling that I had been there previously, but actually it was the first time I had seen it. I thought, �I�m imagining it, I�ve never been here.�

This experience had occurred one month before the interview in an area of Johannesburg she had never visited before. She was in a car with her family at the time.

Qualitative Elaboration

This experience was quite vivid, involved recognition only of a part of the surroundings (only the building), and was �remembered in most details�. These experiences occurred very rarely for her, though when they did, they were usually of this kind. In this regard, the experience fits the prototype of associative d�j� vu.

The only unusual feature she experienced was a feeling of mild depersonalization while having it.

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