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TABLE OF CONTENTS of this brief edition RBC-Key Features


  • Coverpages
  • Comments on "Reality Begins with Consciousness"
  • Comments of prominent scientists
  • Comments of general readers
  • Table of Contents
  • Preface to this book, the first edition of RBC: Key Features
  • 9 dimensional finite spin: A further preface to "RBC: Key Features"
  • Abbreviated Combined Preface to the First Edition of Reality Begins with Consciousness
  • Post-script: 2nd Edition addition
  • Perspective to Later Editions
  • An Exciting Note to the Fourth Edition: A Voyage into the Unknown
  • Abbreviated Glossary of Key Terms in TDVP and RBC

MAIN BOOK CHAPTERS 1 TO 5, pages 1-40

Chapter 1: A perspective on this book and on the TDVP Model:

The analogy
The brief summary of TDVP
  • The model
  • Language
  • TDVP: What is it?
  • A mnemonic that summarizes the key parts of TDVP
  • The reason for TDVP
  • Why we use TDVP
  • The Axiom of TDVP
  • The mathematics of TDVP
  • Philosophy and Mysticism
  • Feasibility and falsifiability as a system of proof and verification
  • Nature
  • Understanding our perceptions
  • Subjectivity and Objectivity
  • The consequences of TDVP
  • Distinctions and Dimensions
    • Distinctions
    • Distinctions and variables
  • Relative, top-down, bottoms-up
  • Consciousness
  • Ultimate simultaneity (Temporal Unity)
  • The Infinite Subreality
    • Ordropy
    • Life
  • The Finite Subreality
    • Self-transcendence
    • Communications between dimensions
    • Vortices
    • Interfaces
    • Relative non-locality
    • Origin Event
  • Now the easy one sentence axiom
Paradigms, metaparadigms and theories of everything in TDVP

Chapter 2: Contextual Perspective:

Reductionistic model limitations
Physical Reduction Valves
Unified Reality
TDVP Simplified
Why TDVP is different
Other TOE/ paradigm models: Comparisons
The new paradigm
  • Finite-infinite
  • In tethering
  • TDVP from the past
  • TDVP and Science
  • Concluding Comments

Chapter 3: The 9-dimensional finite spin reality:

Historical Perspective on TDVP and Cabibbo Angle
The Press Release
Scientific Impact
The genome for Physics
How did this finding come about?
Why the Cabibbo angle had not previously been explained
The Neppe-Close TDVP model
The need for a nine dimensional finite model
Why no other theories fit
Peer review and proof
Replication and mathematical proof
An overview of the key Cabibbo derivation
Where TDVP fits in
What else could this explain?
Additional Data about this research

Chapter 4: Highlights of distinguishing the characteristics of TDVP versus other TOEs:

Perspective: Differentiating TDVP from other TOEs
  • Metaparadigm
  • Breadth
  • "Consciousness"
  • Tethering
  • CoD
  • Individual-units and indivension
  • An explanation of life
  • Theorems
  • Vortices
  • Multidimensional time
  • Relativistic
  • Dimensional precision
  • Validation
Historical Perspective
TDVP is the most complete TOE by a landslide
Does TDVP work?
The uniqueness of TDVP
Table 1. Tabulation of the Key Features including models and authors

Chapter 5: Is TDVP truly a metaparadigm

Post-scripts: XV-XXii

Table of contents of the Fourth Edition of Reality Begins with Consciousness
Contents of Glimpses and Glossary Supplement to Reality Begins with Consciousness
More about Cabibbo, nine dimensions, TDVP, Dr Neppe and Dr Close
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