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A Perspective

So how do I prove that Bound Books and E-books on this site are certified as genuine?

A little background first: We work with an amazing company This company is extraordinarily important and has revolutionized the Internet. Why? Because Zsentry is pioneering the area of ensuring that your Emails are secure and usable, yet can be sent as quickly as regular email, secured, to anyone in the world with an email address without any prearrangements, and they can even send it back to a registered user securely! Zsentry is possibly the reason why the Internet can continue as it's not SPAM that will break it down but electronic theft (phishing and pharming) where even the IRS are publicly admitting to such theft of your refunds. Now where does Zsentry fit here? We're able to use this Zsentry technology to certify as genuine any Collector's item book purchased here by using this software. Zsentry not only time and date stamps the Zsentry Email, it also creates electronic receipts and uses a fingerprint, which even the Federal legal system accepts. When you purchase a Collector's Version of one of our books, you may want proof of its genuineness (e.g. That it was inscribed by Dr Neppe, or that the electronic version you have is not illegally pirated). We will produce a special Zsentry Email which has a unique fingerprint, we will deliver to you a regular unexpirable email (which you should keep) with a special alphanumeric combination of the fingerprint. You then have absolute proof of the genuine purchase. Meanwhile we will keep a record in our ZVault (part of the Zsentry) of your genuine purchase. Please note that this is done in batches and it may take (say) 1-3 weeks to receive your certification. (If you lose it, we still have that unique number available).

What about Collector's items of bound books and E-books?

A Collector's item relates to a book, coin, stamp, antique or whatever, that has become far more valuable than its original face value. There are not many books or Ebooks that are Collector's items because that would be very difficult unless the book was very old. Consequently, you may be surprised at the number of Collector's Items on this site. There are justified reasons for this, though we talk in general here, to the best of our knowledge and do not take responsibility if there are any errors (and any purchases of these items, are under those "as is" conditions of uncertainty.)

• One of the prime collector's items, possibly of all books is Dr Neppe's The Psychology of Deja Vu: Have I Been Here Before? This is a remarkable purchase opportunity.

• Dr Neppe has contributed uniquely besides his remarkable, pioneering developments in the Sciences.

• Consequently, he was perspicacious enough to develop what was the first commercially downloadable E-Book. (Cry the Beloved Mind). This book also developed the new literary genre of "sciction" and utilized another new Neppe defined innovation "conversagraphs" so the bound copy also should be a collector's item.

• In Reality Begins with Consciousness, Drs Neppe and Close inscribed the Electronic Book to their readers. This is believed to be the first such time this has occurred (copyright and patent pending).

• In Innovative Psychopharmacotherapy, there is possibly the longest word in a title in the English language to this time. Moreover it contains the term "biopsychofamiliosociocultural" at that point equally the longest word in English with "floccinaucinihilipilification" --meaning estimating worthlessness! (Ironically, but not surprisingly, Cry the Beloved Mind contained a longer word, namely "ethicobiopsychofamiliosociocultural" approach, and with "ethicobiopsychofamiliosocioculturality" it became then the longest word, beating up "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"!

• Please remember that to "prove" that you have a genuine collector's edition you should purchase the "certificate of genuine Collector's item". This can be done at the time you buy the book and at that point at a reduced price, or you can buy it later indicating the date of original purchase or the purchase number: This will then have to be researched so will cost more though you will only be billed once this is established.

Where else can I buy these books?

None of these books or Ebooks are now available new on any other site. They are exclusive to

Am I getting discounts?

Yes, several of these books and Ebooks are significantly discounted. In addition, if you purchase more than one item in the same shopping cart, you will obtain $5 off for every subsequent item.

When there is a choice of books or E-books on this site, which one do I choose?

That is your own personal choice. And it sometimes is dependent on whether you want to use a book as a Collector's item as well.
However, we have clustered together various versions of the different books and E-books. We then have two ways to assist you:
1. We have put a thick border around the Book or E-Book, we regard as most popular or logical. For example, we recommend the Deluxe Second Edition of Reality Begins with Consciousness: Not only is this E-book considerably updated, but this has an open PDF format for notes.
2. We have a special section, namely Compare, in the orders section. Here you can compare similar books. For example, it elucidates the differences between Reality Begins with Consciousness, Deluxe Second Edition, Standard Second Edition, the First Edition and combining the Second Deluxe with the First Edition.

What about other frequently asked questions (FAQs) and other details on these questions?

For other frequently asked questions, please refer to the FAQ section on the left sliding menu.

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