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Reality Begins with Consciousnes: A Paradigm Shift that Works. Vernon M Neppe and Edward R. Close.

Versions: Available only as an E-book (electronic, downloadable book from this site exclusively (

E-book only, in both major formats: E-pub and PDF (Deluxe 4th Edition, electronically inscribed, open format with EPub and Mobi).


The First Edition (came out November 2011, though 2012 date). This is now surpassed significantly in content but contains a special inscription to the reader. It may be the first E-book to do this. ( � and patent pending). $32.99. The Second Edition rapidly followed in January 2012, The Third Edition followed, then a Third Edition Revised (which change was so rapid it did not come out) and then came the Fourth Edition. Whereas there was a Standard and Deluxe Edition till now, purchases were almost exclusively for the Deluxe so the Standard has been discontinued.

Two versions of the Second Edition exist.

RECOMMENDED: The Deluxe 4th Edition and all Deluxe Editions h contain the same unique special inscription to the reader. It also allows for open PDF format so that you can extract and add information using the full version of Adobe Acrobat Reader e.g. Go to the Acrobat menu and under Tools/Comment and Markup/ Sticky Menu or Text Edits (you can copy and paste e.g. into MSWord). There is a special sale price on

Moreover, when you purchase the E-book it is not only available with the PDF download is an EPub and MOBI edition. We have added EPUB and MOBI as services, but cannot guarantee that the formatting allows everything to be available.

Complimentary with the latest Edition (as of May 2013, Fourth Edition: We do not anticipate later editions) The supplement (complimentary with Version 4) of Glimpses and Glossary makes it more comprehensible to the intelligent layperson.

Because of the possibly historic findings in Chapter 9 we would not be surprised if the Fourth Edition becomes a collector's item. We also sell at markedly discounted pricing the combination 4th and 1st edition. This is because the First Edition may have been the first E-book that was inscribed as it was for the reader. To order the combination please go to

This is a complex read made easier the supplement (complimentary with Version 4) of Glimpses and Glossary.

Who should read this?

Anyone who has an interest in understanding our ultimate nature, the nature of reality, or consciousness, dimensions, our world and the infinite. Targeted audience: Scientists (physical, biology, consciousness, psychological), philosophers and those interested in the area; intelligent general readers.

Order here. Deluxe Fourth edition is recommended; on special markedly discounted pricing

Why is this book unique? This E-book involves a unique, new model for Reality:

You simply cannot not obtain this book if you're interested in reality, consciousness or our origins. Some scientists regard this model as "will endure for centuries" Of 24 other possible "theories of everything" or "paradigms", this one is the only that scores a full 39/39. No others besides the authors' original models even score 20/39! It applies mathematics, logic, and science. The First Edition and Deluxe second edition contain a special inscription to the reader.

Order here.The Brain Voyage Online Store fourth edition is recommended; on special pricing ">Reality Begins with Consciousness, Fourth Deluxe Edition

You can also further purchase a certificate of authenticity that this is a genuine collector's version for $14.99. Please contact us for details on that.

If you have not yet done so, yet purchased, log in on and order. Exclusively

Remember to download your E-book. If you need to, follow the auto-email, and you can log in again and re-download for two weeks.

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