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Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope, Dr Vernon Neppe's acclaimed book, and only here can you order first edition autographed copies.

Although this cannot be guaranteed, it is not uncommon for autographed versions to become significantly more valuable as collector's items.

Numerous determining factors are involved but this being a first edition could make it more valuable. Pure hearsay has the value of an autographed book being on average three times that of a non-autographed book but we have not been able to authenticate this. More well-established is the convention that autographed books cannot be returned.

Perhaps the most important factor, however, is the intrinsic value to the purchaser. Autographed books, like autographed baseball cards, become a source of pride and often achieve a prominent place in a bookshelf.

Why is this a bargain? A signature should substantially increase the collector's value as this is the very first book defined in the new genre of Sciction

1 copy $21.95 (reduced as $1 rebate from $22.95) plus shipping. Click here for ordering information.
For a limited time only, and an extra $2.50 per book, your signed autographed copy may be personally inscribed by Dr Neppe to you or you and your friend. Dr Neppe will also write a short personal message (one of "Enjoy.", "With best wishes.", or "Good luck." ) If you order multiple books and want different inscriptions on each book, please note this in the comments section.
Personalized inscriptions allow addressing 1-4 individuals and your creating your own special message which must fit on the page and be appropriate. This costs $5 instead of the $2.50 extra. There is space on the order form to specify the inscription. If you order more than one book and want a different inscription on each book, please note that clearly in the comments, along with the inscriptions you would like. Please make sure all spelling and wording are exactly to your liking as the inscription is final (as it is with the customized version).
This version is just for collectors, we present the Millennial Collector's Edition. This does not address anyone specifically, unless you request it (same price) (e.g. "To Tom Smith") but instead contains the words "Special Millennium Edition" and dated 1/1/2000. and signed by Vernon Neppe, the author. Additionally it is carefully though simply zip-locked or equivalent air-locked packed so that it has the least exposure to the elements and is likely to be in prime condition.

COSTS: $30 extra for those numbered between 20 and 99, for numbers 10-19, this is $60 extra per book, and 6-9 is $120 extra per book, $250 extra for #2 to 4. If these numbers are unavailable, we will contact you regarding alternatives.

Why Order a Millennial Edition? Whereas no warranties or guarantees can be given, there is good reason why this millennial version could inflate in value.

1. This is the first book written in the new literary genre of sciction.
2. A numbered autographed first edition makes this a collector's item.
3. This book has been very well received by readers so may become a classic.
4. Dr Neppe is in the process of a very important book that could likely give great name recognition to his writings.
The MILLENNIAL EDITION is a speculative, but may be an excellent long-term investment.

Collectors will want this book. We advise you to not use the book much and cover it in transparent plastic or similar material so it can maintain its original appearance.
For information on the electronic version, please click here.

Please remember that all autographed books are non-refundable. Requesting this service implies agreeing to the conditions below. Please note that this is being done as a special non-refundable service. Whereas the author will attempt to ensure that the inscription is in order, no party will be liable for any errors, and the customer agrees to accept any such inscription as is. The parties above include but are not limited to Dr Neppe himself,, any other order form companies involved such as Bookzone, any other publishers such as Peanut Butter Publishing and Brainquest Press. Additionally, the parties cannot guarantee that Dr Neppe will be available to inscribe each book. If he does not inscribe the book, you will not be charged the extra fee.

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