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A priority system:
A special note for those visiting and reading about Reality Begins with Consciousness

Vernon M Neppe and Edward R. Close.
Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works. Fourth Edition Deluxe.

Versions: Available only as an E-book (electronic, downloadable book from this site exclusively (

E-book only, in both major formats: E-pub and PDF (Deluxe 4th Edition, electronically inscribed, open format with EPub and Mobi).

We are very pleased with our latest edition of Reality Begins with Consciousness. The nature of reality is very complex and so are some of the ideas in this book.

However, with the supplemental appendix E-book, Glimpses and Glossary the complexity is solved somewhat. In our menu, it's under Glimpses and Glossary and linked at Glimpses allows simplistic but useful pictorial perspective and Glossary defines terms carefully.

The major advance in our latest version is allowing the non-expert to understand Reality Begins with Consciousness better. Please carefully go through Chapter 1 of the book at least twice. (You can even do that in our menu on this site under Excepts plus Overview at The first time one should read purely the italicized parts allowing a brief priority method. The second time, please read the whole chapter. Realize that the Chapter deliberately does not have references aiming to broadly educate and fascinate.

Our most exciting finding, one that truly revolutionizes thinking is in Chapter 9. This is complex but the fundamental message is that our Standard Model of Physics cannot explain certain fundamental findings. However, a finite nine dimensional spin reality can and only nine dimensions, not eight or ten. One can prove this mathematically. This is based on a mysterious unanswered mixing angle in Physics called the Cabibbo angle. For fifty years no-one could solve why it was 13.04+/-0.05 degrees. It did not fit particle physics explanations. The reason appears to be because it needed to be explained using 9 dimensional spin reality. That simple. But that is an entirely new concept. There is only one model that fits this reality. And that is the Neppe-Close model of TDVP. It had been hypothesized by our TDVP model in Reality Begins with Consciousness. This is such an enormous finding that it totally changes our perspective of reality. This finding has been described for the first time in the fourth edition of this book


In Reality Begins with Consciousness, we propose a model that appears to be the first comprehensive paradigm (metaparadigm) that can be explained consistently in all the sciences (the broader physical, psychological, biological and consciousness sciences). Additionally, much of the paradigm can be subjected to mathematical scrutiny, and ultimately, as a consequence of these scientific and mathematical analyses, a philosophical model results. Some of this again is in Chapter 1, but let's provide for you here, two pages of perspective. The proposed model is called Triadic Dimensional-Distinction Vortical Paradigm (TDVP) and the consequent philosophical model is called Unified Monism.

The Short Axiomatic Metaparadigm Summary

    1.  Reality is a unit. It involves a wholeness of the infinite which contain a discrete (quantal) finite. The infinite and finite subrealities manifest in the three substrates of all of Space (S), Time (T) and "Consciousness" (C).

    2.  These S, T and C substrates cannot ever be separated: They are fundamentally "inseparably tethered from their origin" . We refer to these as the triads of space--time-- broader descriptive "consciousness" (S, T and C-substrates).

    3.  In the finite context, this tethering manifests across, between and within multiple fluctuating dimensions. One cannot have time without space, or space or time without consciousness. They always exist together in both the finite and the infinite. And tethering is far more than linkage. It just exists across between and within dimensions, just like the trunk of an elephant exists on the elephant.

    4.  The infinite is continuous and unending and contains all information. Information meaningfully utilized is "higher consciousness". The finite is different from the infinite because it is discrete. It is made up of separable tiny units such as Quanta. (Because Quanta usually do not refer to "consciousness", we use the term "qualits").

    5.  This finite-infinite reality is experienced subjectively relative to the various pertinent dimensions being considered (the dimensional domain level). In our common living reality experience, the dimensional domain level is called 3S-1t (Three space dimensions of length, breadth and height; and one moment in time --the present). However, there is always some subjective awareness so it is actually 3S-1t-1C.

    6.  We cannot directly experience the infinite. The best we can do is experience "mirrors" of that continuous infinite through these discrete components of the finite.

    7.  And we cannot directly perceive higher dimensions either. In fact, we are restricted even in 3S-1t-1C. For example, we cannot see in the Infrared or Ultraviolet. So as living beings, we have Restricted 3S-1t-1C and the rest of Reality is hidden.

    8.  The subjective experience is usually interpreted as individual, but could be at any level of individuality--so more correctly, it is at the "individual-unit" level such as group, individual, family, ethnic, cultural, social or even species (GIFECSs).

    9.  When we experience something we distinguish what it is from what it is not from, and there is a separation between. We make these fundamental distinctions and there is a complex mathematics behind these distinctions called the calculus of distinctions. In TDVP, three different distinctions can vary as variables and are particularly important:
    • They contain data: These are variables of content, could be solid objects or their components such as furniture. This has mass and energy. Variables of content also may manifest with "content consciousness.
    • They are measurable: These are distinctions of extent such as space and time and extent of consciousness and it is these variables of extent that we call dimensions, and
    • influenced theoretically by many factors. These are variables of influence. This influence theoretically could range from regular verbal or nonverbal communication to psi to psychological impacts to brain function to proposed highest levels of mystical guidance (higher infinite consciousness).

    10.  The nature of reality is very complex and so a discussion of reality is necessarily so as well, and can be comprehended at different levels. The basic points of TDVP can be summarized as recalled by the acronym DICTU with five points:
    • Dimensions,
    • Infinity,
    • Consciousness,
    • Tethering of Time (T-), Space (S-) and Consciousness (C-)
    • Unification of infinity and the finite.

    11.  In the finite reality we propose 9 dimensions, most likely three of space, three of time, and three of "consciousness" (S3, T3, C3). Mathematically, S, T and C differ considerably. At a higher level are the transfinite dimensions: we refer to these mathematically as 10th plus. Then we have the infinite which cannot be directly experienced but can only be "mirrored" through the finite (and at the highest conceptual level, the transfinite) subreality.

    12.  Triadic Dimensional-Distinction Vortical Paradigm (TDVP) therefore refers to
    • Triadic Space, Time and broader 'Consciousness' tethered together
    • Dimensions of extent involving mathematical distinctions
    • Vortices involving curved movements. These individual vortices interface across dimensions (we call this "vortices indivension" allowing a communication system.). The finite is a 9D vortical reality, the transfinite is a 10th plus vortical reality.
    • Paradigm (Metaparadigm /Theory of Everything) across the sciences and mathematics with unification of the infinite and finite resulting in the philosophical model of Unified Monism

    Now the easy one sentence axiom of TDVP:

    This is a single primary axiom
    All of space-time-"consciousness" have always been inseparably tethered together--tightly, loosely or slightly.

    And this is a priority conceptualization for our understanding of TDVP
    • Objective reality must be demonstrated always via the subjectivity.
    • We're actually experiencing a very limited reality in "restricted 3S-1t (-1+C).
    • The rest of reality is "hidden".
    • This hidden component is relative to our perspective: Consequently it may be regarded as relative to the hidden 3S-1t, to the hidden lower dimensions, to the transfinite, to the continuous infinite, and ultimately to the mystical infinite.
    • Science and mathematics have been traditionally separated from mysticism, philosophy, spirituality and theology: TDVP allows for a marked bridge to occur across these disciplines.
    • TDVP dramatically demonstrates a paradigm shift, approached from the scientific side, justified further in many areas by mathematics, and only then, as a consequence, derives a new mystical philosophy of "Unified Monism" which works both in the here and now and in the mystical.
    • TDVP involves dimensional communication mechanisms (vortical indivension) which is a metalevel higher than field theories (such as subquantum, Akashic, morphogenetic, Transcendental Field). Therefore, these field theories may support TDVP, but not negate it.
    • Whereas "consciousness" is conceptually very much contained within Space and Time at lower dimensional levels, Space and Time are somewhat contained within "consciousness" at a higher level.
    • Consciousness manifests as meaning at the quantal level, psychologically and neurologically in the living being applying cognition, affect and volition, and as acquired meaningful information at the higher transfinite and infinite levels.
    • Life always exists in the Infinite subreality, and the source of multidimensional order (Ordropy) also derives from the infinite.
    • TDVP involves a multisystems approach epitomized by the "individual-unit" and recognizing the great unification of all the ethicospirituobiopsychofamiliosocioethnicocultural systems.
    • Although mathematics and science are neutral, their links in TDVP allow for mystical and spiritual development, introducing many lessons for transcendence of self.

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