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About the Glossaries

One of the most exciting parts of this book is the series of glossaries at the back of the book, aimed at increasing understanding of concepts.

The following Table of Contents sheds light on the breadth of the Glossary:

Brain: Anatomy and Simplified Functions 344
Analogies: Boat-Pier and Bathtub 345
Neuropsychiatric Drugs 346
Generic to Brand Drugs 348
Brand to Generic Name Drugs 349
Neurotransmitter Effects 350
Medical Abbreviations 351
Medical Terms 352
Index of Concepts 358
Endnotes 364

For example, the following is the first page of the index:

Medical Terms

This glossary of one line definitions of medical terms is for quick reference to terms used in the context of this book. Consequently, wherever possible the definitions correspond with the short phrases associated with the em dash sign (--) that appear in the book.

The definitions are deliberately simplified for easier comprehension.

absence seizures
blackouts with transient loss of consciousness due to seizures
accessory symptoms
extra symptoms in a condition requiring separate treatment
neurotransmitter with memory and automatic movements roles
adenosine receptor
receptor relating to caffeine and many chemical reactions
adjunctive medication
unapproved second drug used for a condition
adrenergic receptor; norepinephrine
agitated depression
internal restlessness, marked anxiety type depression
receptor activation by stimulation or inhibition
unpleasant subjective sensation of inability to keep still
loss of accessory muscle use, like non-swinging arms
EEG waves of 8-13 Hz; a variation of adrenergic receptor
altered state of consciousness
modified alertness and responsiveness level
Alzheimer's disease
dementia associated with specific pathologic changes
ambulatory EEG
lengthy special computerized EEG performed at home
the localization in the body
unable to experience pleasure
too little oxygen
preventing of action of a receptor using antagonist chemicals
drug acting against acetylcholine
medication to prevent seizures; anti-epileptic drug
histamine blocking agent
anxiety inducing agent
noise; EEG distortions outside the brain, usually the muscles
spells strange behavior events in PND due to firing episodes
auditory hallucinations
hearing non-existent voices
aura, aurae
warning symptoms preceding or heralding a seizure
withdrawal into one's own reality
outgoing pipe of the neuron
EEG waves of =13 Hz; a variation of adrenergic receptor
extent of availability of drugs in the body
biological, psychological, family, social & cultural
bipolar disorder
affective illness, bipolar mood disorder, manic depressive illness
absence seizures due to petit mal or temporal lobe epilepsy
receptor antagonism
blunting of affect
a diminution in range of emotion


When you download a copy of this book, you will receive a separate (PDF) file which contains just the glossary. This way you will be able to put up on the screen the two files side by side and use the glossary directly if there are any questions. [order download]

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