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Audio/Video Links

Audio-video presentations by Drs Vernon Neppe and Dr Edward Close

We have created a series of YouTubes that you may find illuminating. Our target is generally the intelligent layperson but sometimes scientists may find them useful too. Most of these YouTubes are short. Many cover the book Reality Begins with Consciousness and the Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Model.

We are gradually hoping to add to those that are available and to modify them with updates. We are intending to include new books, and some of our other books and some important concepts. We have numbered them in the order suggested for your watching. You can follow the best order by the numbers. E.g. start with 1. Theory of Everything (TOE), then 2. Dimensions etc.

We redirect the links here to another site ( that is housing these links but continually being updated.

You may want to bookmark the following two pages so you can return if you go off this site:

1. If you want to see the Vernon Neppe gateway go to main page.

Please remember that we hope that will become the logical stepping stone not only for
  • presentations , but for:
  • media,
  • press releases,
  • contacts and
  • events; and for
  • research,
  • forensics,
  • clinical and
  • books.
  • A blog is continually in process at or
  • And you can use as a stepping stone visiting some other sites linked with Dr. Neppe such as
    • Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute with Dr Neppe's clinical, forensic, research and other data:,
    • Dr Neppe's books,
    • Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization at (also known as and and at some point
    • A site in process continually:

2. Our audio-video presentations page at

This way you will see all the completed Neppe and Close links of YouTubes or other Audio and Video and those being planned. Please note that the links may become out of date because significant YouTube edits require modification in I-Movie or related programs. Therefore the links to the audio-video are examples, and you can always search under the title. You can also go directly to and to search under our special headers: Brainvoyage or VMNBVPNI or TDVP or under Vernon Neppe or Edward Close or you can locate a specific title e.g. Tethering.

The links are listed under or you can navigate through from as the Vernon Neppe gateway.

Some of these YouTubes are done and some are in process.

We list too the ones we plan for the near future.

1. Theory of Everything (TOE): TDVP, the metaparadigm of Neppe and Close

2. Dimensions and TDVP.

3. Consciousness and TDVP (Neppe)

4. Tethering across dimensions in the TDVP model (Neppe)

5. Feasibility, LFAF applying the Scientific Method and Vortices in TDVP (Neppe)

6 a. Quantum Physics and TDVP (Close)

6.b. Quantum Physics and Reality: TDVP (Close)

7. Science and TDVP (Close with Neppe)

8. Comparisons of TOE models and TDVP (Neppe)

9. Introduction to the Neppe-Close TDVP model (Neppe)

10. a. The historical beginnings of 9D spin in TDVP with Cabibbo angle exploration (Neppe)

10. b. Why The Cabibbo angle is important for TDVP (Neppe)

11. The nine dimensional finite spin reality TDVP (Neppe)

12. Infinity and TDVP (Neppe)

13. Life, order and TDVP (Neppe)

14. Order and TDVP (Neppe)

15. Psychological links to the TDVP model (Neppe)

16. Why conventional physics has failed and TDVP. (Close and Neppe)

17. Vortices (Neppe)

18. Mathematics and TDVP (Close)

19. Unified Monism, the Philosophical Model behind TDVP (Neppe)

20. Glimpses and TDVP (Neppe)

21. Conferences and lectures brief
  • Conferences and lectures brief. Neppe Workshop (TDVP, RBC)
  • Conferences and Lectures and TDVP (Neppe)
  • Dr Edward Close conference comment on lectures and Symposia. (Close)

We are also placing YouTubes of several of our other books online.

We will endeavor to update these links as well. If you want to, please search again under Neppe, or Edward Close. Alternatively you can search under Neppe and

• Deja vu

• Cry the Beloved Mind

• Sciction

• Expert medical consultants and attorneys

• Quakes

• Medications

• Nutrition

• The Answer

• Self-help

• Our purpose

• The Meaning of Life

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