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Preface To This Book, The First Edition of RBC: Key Features.

This electronic book, RBC: Key Features, arose out of necessity. We realized that most readers did not have the time to read a detailed though in our eyes, fascinating, critically important though complex, 500 plus page book with 50 chapters describing a new paradigm, namely Triadic Dimensional-Distinction Vortical Paradigm (TDVP). TDVP is portrayed in such a book, what has already, to some scientists, become a classic of its time, namely , Reality Begins With Consciousness: A paradigm shift that works. (RBC). We also understood the enormous interest in the area of developing a model about reality, of applying it, of recognizing how the sciences and the mystical could be unified, and how new vistas were opening up. We understood this particularly based on responsiveness of audiences and readers ranging from ordinary laypersons to the most creative scientists. It was also borne out by our schedules of educating individuals about TDVP. We needed to respond to this Cry for Help: , RBC: Key Features is there to fill the void.

But those thinking we have simplified this book may be disappointed: We have abbreviated , RBC: Key Features to an eighth of the size of , Reality Begins With Consciousness (Fourth Edition) , and yet maintained the key principles so that the intelligent reader can still conceptualize the basics of TDVP. We have given the reader the primary ideas minus the additional complexities of empirical data, proofs, theorems and the mathematics. But with it, there are fewer examples, and less justifications for what we say. Nor are there the almost 500 references cited in RBC 4th Edition. Paradoxically, this may make it more difficult for those seeking all the information. But we do this because this source is available: The much greater detail can be found in , Reality Begins With Consciousness paradigm shift that works.

So the abbreviation allows, RBC: Key Features to be much easier to navigate, but it also leaves some deliberate holes: The reader is right to say but where's the proof? So we introduce you to one major finding, the proof of nine vortical finite dimensions as directly postulated, indeed required, by TDVP. This is just to whet the appetite. But we focus on the principles and concepts so that the intelligent reader will begin to conceptualize the primary elements of TDVP. This is just a transit point. Once read, the reader can also decide whether and how to go further, either with the full RBC book or with layperson versions like our upcoming , The Answer book or series.

For this current book, , RBC: Key Features, we've chosen what we deem just the right mix for the reader. We give an abbreviated Glossary, again prioritizing the key terms, knowing a more detailed one is contained in , Reality Begins With Consciousness, in the Glimpses and Glossary appendix, or on the Internet (
  • We give a broad introduction to Chapter 1 which closely resembles Chapter 1 in RBC itself.
  • We then deliberately allow for some repetition of principles and we discuss a remarkable paper we wrote and presented specifically discussing the pertinence of TDVP.
  • We then discuss how the 9D spin and Cabibbo angle elements create a whole new way of thinking and have realized the best way to transmit that excitement is from the initial press releases.
  • We follow this up with empirical comparative data looking at 24 different paradigms of consciousness and / or dimensions or related aspects, and we demonstrate using objective metrics that not only is TDVP far the most important current metaparadigm ("theory of everything") that has been postulated, but that it scores a perfect score using these objective and logical criteria of analysis.
  • We finally show the most pertinent elements for TDVP, again repeated at times, but following a system of priorities.

We believe that these five chapters will provide the reader with the ammunition to go forward on his / her studies. So Key Features is not designed to be simpler, but provides an abbreviation of the complexities of RBC and of TDVP and hopefully whets the appetite for more.

There is further help at hand: We have also produced an ancillary addendum book for , Reality Begins With Consciousness. For almost every reader, we highly recommend namely , Glimpses and Glossary: Appendix to Reality Begins With Consciousness: A paradigm shift that works. This book contains clarifying analogies designed to help readers understand the complex concepts of the TDVP model: these will serve the reader well; it also includes the full Glossary of terms. Glimpses and Glossary is the most versatile portion, as it equally will do well with both RBC Key Features and also RBC (4th Edition) (see A paradigm shift that works and consequently for this sequel derived from RBC namely RBC Key features. We wanted to pictorially represent key concepts and so we wrote the electronic book Glimpses and Glossary : Appendix to RBC. We have produced these books as PDFs, E-Pubs and MOBIs and Glimpses and Glossary is in PDF version though we hope to make it into E-Pubs and MOBI. We have set up special offers for combinations of these through (which currently has exclusive rights on Reality Begins With Consciousness: A paradigm shift that works (RBC) but the Glimpses and Glossary and now this E-book RBC: Key Features is now available electronically.

Though Key Features does not provide the mathematics or proofs, just a perspective, for the discerning scientist, mathematician, philosopher or creative thinker we recommend the full RBC (4th Edition), book. Furthermore, we plan to add to this profound body of knowledge, with further planned advanced, complex books Space, Time and Consciousness and Beyond Einstein, RBC in all its editions has gone through careful peer review by scientists, and we plan the same assiduous process in these books.

By contrast, there is another extreme. We realize the forthcoming book, The Answer should literally provide an "answer: for those laypersons who want to dialog on the issue and share ideas by example. This book is specifically for General Readers. Because of the simplification of concepts, its planned dialogic and teaching style, and its hoped-for ease of reading, we're already finding it will be more than one book. But we're excited by this. We dislike phrases like "TDVP for Dummies" and this is not our intention. Instead, we want to educate through fascination and we want to stimulate further ideas for laypersons with an interest in consciousness, nature of existence, life, physics, biology, mathematics, the unknown and the unsolved, and even philosophy and spirituality. The Answer: Science and Spirituality due early in 2014 will do exactly that and may be the first in a series. We hope to produce this in both bound and in electronic form.

Vernon M Neppe and Edward R Close, July 2013.

9 dimensional finite spin: A further preface to "RBC: Key features".

By November 2011, when the First Edition of Reality Begins with Consciousness became available, the Neppe-Close Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm (TDVP) model already, objectively, had a pre-eminent position amongst so-called "Theories of Everything" (TOEs): When TDVP was compared with 23 other pre-eminent TOEs, it scored overwhelmingly better. In fact, it scored a perfect 39/39 when applying criteria, and no other proposed TOE other than the original Neppe Vortex N-dimensionalism and Close Transcendental Physics models scored even 20/39. TDVP was also the only model based on legitimate sciences (the physical, psychological, consciousness and biological) and then applying many mathematical theorems to demonstrate its application. Only then secondarily, the philosophical model of Unified Monism developed as a consequence. But despite over 600 potential hypotheses being listed, the critique was always: Is it just an unprovable theory? After all, many of the other models were regarded purely as metaphysical. With our demonstration of the derivation of the Cabibbo angle, this argument is resoundingly defeated. We postulated that TDVP had a finite element of 9 dimensions of spin, and we have demonstrated that. Of course, the implications of a finite model of reality different from the conventional 4 dimensional space-time are enormous. And whereas the String Theories remain theories, generally folded not spin models, 9 D spin is a proven mathematical reality.

VMN and EJC, July 2013

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