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Dr Neppe's media areas outside Reality Begins with Consciousness

I. LITERARY DILEMMA -- An entirely new flavor.

• Is the new term, Sciction, indeed a new literary concept reflecting Science through Fiction?
• Is there a value to writing a play within prose?
• What is a conversagraph?

II. SELF HELP ELEMENTS -- Encouragement for patients and families.

Cry the Beloved Mind implies A Voyage of Hope.

• Can patients be more optimistic now than they were before?
• Are there really answers out there for intractable brain conditions?
• Can these be applied to ordinary patients with depression or seizures who have mild conditions?
• If this is Sciction -- science through fiction -- is there any application to the real world?
• Is this book ground-breaking?
• Why is it so different from any other book in the field?

III. MEDICAL DILEMMAS -- Debating issues

• Can the incurable be cured?
• What is normal?
• Can explosions occur in the brain? Can they be treated?
• What is the ideal antidepressant?
• Can too much drug cause the seizures it's meant to cure?
• How do cigarettes, caffeine and juices interact with medications?
• What is the medical perspective on herbal remedies?
• Is generic substitution okay?
• What is sometimes missed in the psychotic patient?
• How can we search for meaning?
• Can natural earth changes affect the brain?
• Can we awaken patients who are as immobile as statues?
• Can we normalize our behavior through brain chemistry?
• Are guns lethal or weapons of self-defense?
• Is Prozac really so good? Or is it dangerous?

IV. A DILEMMA SOLVED? -- New discoveries

• Psychiatry entered a period of turmoil with the discovery that the drugs we use to treat the most severe of psychiatric conditions, psychosis, cause the terrible and sometimes debilitating condition of tardive dyskinesia. What is this tardive dyskinesia condition?
• Can we really help this condition?
• But surely this is an absolutely major discovery?

V. FASCINATING ISSUES -- Medical tidbits

• What constitutes informed consent?
• Can we truly simplify brain medications into those that act electrically and those that act chemically?

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