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Reality Begins with Consciousness: Questions for radio, TV, press and interviewers. Dr Vernon Neppe and Dr Ed Close.

VN= Dr Vernon Neppe, EC= Dr Ed Close, VN+ = ask Dr Vernon Neppe first then brief amplification from Dr Close, EC+ = ask Dr Close first then brief amplification from Dr Neppe. Short answers e.g. Yes still have a person answering but then have the amplification question. Longer answers may say VN and EC or EC and VN.

Best place to access this book called Reality Begins with Consciousness is at There you will find instructions to purchase the electronic book at a special price. The second edition is a great advance. Where can listeners purchase your book? VN+ Repeated repetitively with variants e.g. special rate, uniquely electronically autographed, website is

The single most interesting question to Dr Neppe:

How does life begin? And the second most: Do we have free will? Or Does your model allow for life after death, or premonitions of the future? How do you reconcile all this.

Below is a series of questions for the media. It depends on the level required so it has been varied.

1.) Theoretical physicists talk about a "Theory of Everything" or TOE. What is a TOE. Do you like the term? What should we use instead?

2.) To my knowledge every TOE put forth has had major failings. Even Einstein and Hawking have failed. So when someone claims to have developed a new TOE, it's natural to be skeptical. Is your theory really a TOE? VN brief. Does it explain everything? VN and EC. What about psychic phenomena? VN+. So what do you call your TOE model? VN+

3.) Your TOE discusses reality and consciousness. What are the essential components of "reality"? VN. What is reality? EC. Is there such a concept? VN+ Discussion. How long did it take for you to develop this model? EC and VN.

4.) And now what is "consciousness"? VN and EC. So there are different kinds of consciousness? (Yes). Which? VN How do you reconcile these different kinds? VN+

5.) Your book is called Reality begins with consciousness. We've briefly dealt with Reality and with Consciousness, but why the Begins-- What does that mean? Does consciousness start up reality? EC+ But what happens if there is no a Big Bang? VN+

6.) In what way is your model different from any previous TOE? VN and EC Can you in some way "prove' it's better than any previous model? VN+. In fact, you use the term "metaparadigm". What makes something a "metaparadigm"? VN+

7.) Now there's another component. We have known (since Hermann Minkowski about 1908 that there are four dimensions)-- 3 of space and one of time. Does your research indicate that we're living in a reality with even more dimensions? EC+. How do these dimensions link with each other? (VN+ Vortices). Why vortices? VN. What do vortices have to do with this? VN+ What provides the fabric here? (VN Indivension) What is indivension? VN+. So this is higher than any kind of field theory (EC+)

8.) I understand you regard consciousness at its most basic level as inseparable with space and time. That's a very radical view. What do you mean by that? EC+ So there are areas of inseparability and of separation? (Yes). What do you mean some parts are 'tethered" VN+ And then some parts are separated but linked? (Yes VN). How? Is it like a string and a balloon? VN+

9.) So far we've mainly dealt with the finite subreality. But you mention the infinite. Surely that's not relevant to our day-to-day experience? Yes, it is VN In what way? VN Can you prove we need the infinite? VN+ (What about mathematically? EC. So Goedel's incompleteness theorem is a key? EC+ Now what are the components of the infinite? VN and EC. Then what is "essence" ? VN)

10.) Scientists have since the laws of thermodynamics argued that everything in our universe tends towards disorder. I know that a key part of your metaparadigm is the opposite, namely order? I am intrigued by Is there a special "order" to our world? (EC-Yes) And is this order that you call extropy just the opposite of entropy? EC How can this be? EC+

11.) Even more radically than order, your model offers an explanation for how life truly begins. Now that is radical. How? VN. So it goes beyond DNA and beyond genetics? VN. So we never die? VN. Does this prove life after death? VN.

12.) What role does parapsychology play in all this? VN. Do parapsychological findings threaten our current worldly reality? (Yes). In what ways? VN. What kinds of proof does your work provide? VN+

13.) Now you both have presented some radical ideas. Would you regard conventional scientific thinking as insufficient to explain experience? EC +. What are the limitations of current science? EC+. How does your metaparadigm solve these areas? EC+

14.) So this leads to a million dollar question. Should we change the way science examines data? (Yes). VN and EC. So we can falsify some data in science? (VN Yes) But not all? (yes). What would be the best way to approach data that cannot be falsified? (VN introduces LFAF). So this new approach, when would you use it? VN+

15.) We've talked hard science and some mathematics. Is this TDVP model you introduce, something that would interest philosophers? (VN. Yes). How? VN+ So you've introduced a new philosophical theory? Yes. Can you make sense of this philosophy called "Unified Monism" ? VN Most certainly. What exactly does it mean? VN+

16.) We've used the term "metaparadigm". Yes. EC defines again. Explain what you mean by a paradigm shift? VN+ Is your book Reality Begins with Consciousness a paradigm shift? EC+. How would you perceive it in relation to other attempts? VN+. So it's pretty revolutionary? (VN Yes). It could be wrong but then it's one great ride. Could it be then that these theories will endure for centuries? VN+. What makes them special? EC+. How would you test these theories? VN and EC

17.) We've spoken a lot of Science even about Ordropy (order) and a model of life. We've spoken about dimensions and infinity. Is there a Mathematics to all of this? (Yes). EC+. Now in simple terms what are the key mathematical elements? EC What is the Calculus of Distinctions? EC. And where does Pythagoras fit in? (EC). What about Albert Einstein? EC And I note you dedicated you book also to Georg Cantor? Who was he? EC Why were his findings so important? VN+

18.) So let's summarize. How does this theory of everything differ from other attempts at a theory of everything? In other words, what makes this unique? VN+ But has the book been peer-reviewed? VN+. What are other scientists saying about your book/work? VN+ What scientists most greatly influenced your work? EC+ What are some of the research possibilities that could come out of this Theory of everything? EC+. And if you directly compare this with the other TOEs how does it do? (VN 39/39!) Why those criteria--are they fair? VN+

19.) A key part of your model is the infinite? How can the infinite interface with the finite? VN and EC. Now this immediately involves theology. Does your work imply God? EC and VN. What's the alternative? EC

20.) Would you please summarize again the key points? VN and EC.

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