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Key Bio features: Drs Neppe and Close

Vernon M Neppe MD, PhD, FRSSAf, DFAPA, BN&NP.

Some of you may have heard Prof. Vernon Neppe before on radio and TV: He is the world authority on the deja vu phenomenon. But he is far more: Based on peer-reviewed publications, presentations, international honors and medicolegal consultations, Prof. Vernon Neppe has achieved an international reputation in numerous and diverse disciplines. These include five fundamental but related medical specialties, namely Neuropsychiatry, Behavioral Neurology, Psychopharmacology, Forensic Psychiatry and Neuropsychiatry, and Psychiatry: In all these specialties, he has been listed under "America's Top Doctors"--and he is one of the few to be listed in all ten issues of this peer-reviewed book and, is apparently, the only physician ever listed in five different subspecialties. He also happens to be an MD and Doctor of Philosophy and remarkably is a Fellow of the Royal Society (South Africa) as well as a Distinguished Fellow (American Psychiatric Association) and the only Distinguished Professor (Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization).

But his special interests are Consciousness Research, Phenomenology, Epileptology (Epilepsy) and Neuroscience, in which his contributions have been pioneering and prodigious, and it's this area of Consciousness on which he focuses tonight. He is also an internationally in demand Professional Speaker, Author and Playwright and with Dr Ed Close, he's written the book Reality Begins with Consciousness: This promises to be one of the most important books ever because it proposes entirely new ideas on the fundamental nature of our world!

Dr. Neppe has pioneered numerous pharmacological areas. These include adjunctive anticonvulsants in psychiatry (these contributions alone have impacted the lives of millions of people), and a successful treatment for the previously incurable tardive dyskinesia. He has described four new medical conditions, invented about a hundred new terms, suggested three major new classifications, developed more than thirty evaluations, tests and historical screens in neuropsychiatry and consciousness, pioneered several new theoretical concepts in his disciplines, and developed the literary genre of sciction.

Additionally, he pioneered the links of brain function and subjective experience, is the world authority on deja vu phenomena, and developed Phenomenology in the Neuroscience and Consciousness contexts. The author of nine books, including Cry the Beloved Mind 2, and two plays (, he has overall more than 400 publications on every continent. He has lectured in twelve countries, chaired international symposia, and worked internationally with the media and led the 1st USA and International Delegation in Neuropsychiatry and Psychopharmacology.

Originally from South Africa (where he mainly trained, with a Fellowship at Cornell University, New York, thereafter), he established the first Division of Neuropsychiatry in a USA Psychiatry Department (University of Washington), and then a model institute (Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute --PNI), which he directs ( He is also (Adj. Full) Professor, Dept of Neurology and Psychiatry, St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO. He was the first USA based MD to be elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of SA, is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, recipient of the Marius Valkhoff prize, one of the rare Diplomates of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE) (, and Executive Director of the Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization (

Edward R. Close PhD, PE, SFSPE

Edward R. Close is a Physicist, Mathematician, Cosmologist, Environmental Engineer and Planner, and international consultant. He was a charter member of the U.S.G.S. Systems Analysis Group where he developed state-of-the-art mathematical optimization programs, hierarchical modeling techniques and fractal geometry models of coastal geomorphology, storm cell development and other environmental modeling applications.

Pursuing an active research program in environmental remediation, he has made a series of breakthrough discoveries in using non-toxic compounds in mold research that have benefited millions. He is a charter member of the internationally known Integrated Health-Care Professionals Council. He has authored numerous technical papers and five books, including the groundbreaking "Transcendental Physics, Integrating the Search for Truth". He developed the mathematical "calculus of distinctions", which is very relevant in the current book, Reality Begins with Consciousness. He described a brief (several pages), but never refuted first published proof for the famous Fermat's Last Theorem, which will appear in the companion volume to this book, Space, Time and Consciousness: The Tethered Triad. He has also developed several new theorems of consciousness, and contributed important engineering applications.

Dr. Close is Principal Engineer and Director of Research and Development at EJC Advantage, LLC. He is currently Science Editor of Telicom (journal of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE) (, and also a Fellow of the Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization (

Both Dr. Neppe and Dr. Close can be regarded as pioneers of the new interdisciplinary science of Dimensional Biopsychophysics, in which dimensionometry, consciousness and the interface of the biological, psychological and physical are integrated together, as in their remarkably innovative model of the Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm.

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